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essential horse minerals supplement

Your horses will love the taste. You'll love the results!


Kay Whittaker Young

7-time NFR Qualifier, WPRA Past President, Cowgirl Hall of Fame Honoree

"Thunder Mountain Equine is a product the barrel racing industry has needed for a long time. I have been using this great supplement for over a year and the improvement in the health of my horses is significant.Their coats are shinier, their manes and tails are longer, and most important, their hooves are better.

"Before using TME, my farrier husband struggled with having enough hoof for a shoe. After 90 days of eating this supplement, my horses had enough hoof support for properly tacking a shoe.

"Thank you Thunder Mountain Equine for an amazing product!"

Matt McAuslan

Owner Operator F2F Livestock

"I would like to thank Joel Gleason for introducing me to Thunder Mountain Equine.

"Every one of my horses that uses Thunder MountainEquine has shown a profound improvement. Each looks better, rides better, andI believe they all feel better. Simply put, these minerals work!"

Shawnalee Johnson Hinkins

Owner, Breeder, Trainer. Rainbow Glass Ranch - Ferron, UT

"The horse in these before and after photos abscessed out of both coronet bands. She had cracked so bad I had to stop riding her.

"I started her on Thunder Mountain Equine and started working with my farrier, Steve Wilcox, to close the cracks and try and get her sound. Three months later, she had grown half her hoof length out and her hooves improved greatly! About three months later the cracks grew out almost completely and she was so much better.

"She also has a healthier coat, longer main and tail, less hay waster and healthier body score. The biggest plus is I'm riding her again!"

Kate McKinney-Paich


"My mini, Nick, has been on Thunder Mountain Equine for almost a year and he looks and feels great for a 19-year-old! His thyroid finally tested at a normal level. He is still on his thyroid medication per instructions of the vet, but I believe he is doing better now due to TME. His seedy toe has disappeared as well.

"My barrel horse, HF Docs Little Money"Dually", is doing excellent as well! He has always smelled awful when he sweats. Since he has been on TME minerals, he does not smell anymore.He has a shiny healthy coat, great feet, and an awesome attitude! I always get compliments on what a beautiful horse he is.

"Thank you for all of your help! This has been the best product I have ever used! One-stop shop, no need to add any other supplements."

Melanie Adams

Owner, Barrel Racer

"Eight months ago I tried the Thunder Mountain Equine under the recommendation of our vet, Dr. Utley. Like him, I'm a skeptic. So, I did my own clinical study on eight of my horses. Half received Thunder Mountain Equine, the other half received the normal feed.

"When my farrier came to shoe six weeks later, the improvement was astounding! Before, their hooves were brittle and hard, now they are supple and healthy. Their coats are healthy and shiny and their whole demeanor is relaxed and willing.

"I am definitely a fan and will keep all my horses using TME. Thank You!"

Debbie Larson


"I have two horses that about foundered about four years ago. One was pretty extreme. After vet assistance, pads etc., he was walking again. My farrier introduced me to the Thunder Mountain Equine, so I started using the minerals supplement. Both horses now have great feet!

"I now use TME on five horses and they are all in great shape, maintain their weight, have great coats and strong solid feet. I am very thankful to have been introduced to Thunder Mountain Equine.

"We live in Wyoming with some pretty cold winters.Thanks to TME, I don’t even grain my horses anymore. They are just all-around healthier. Thank you, Thunder Mountain Equine for a great product!"

Jake Dahl

Vista Equine Reproduction - Center, Ft. Collins, CO

"I have two exceptionally well-bred mares; one12-year-old and one 22-year-old. Both mares have produced several money earners. These mares are so special that they were featured in an article in the January 2017 issue of the Performance Horse Journal.

"I had a difficult time getting them pregnant the last two years. Despite all my efforts and even though biopsies were normal and cultures clean. they wouldn't settle. I tried every trick in the book with no success. Joel Gleason told me about a mineral supplement known as ThunderMountain Equine and the story of his crippled mare who improved tremendously using this supplement. After talking to Sandy Caruso, I ordered TME and started out feeding a double dose to each mare. Everything else stayed the same. Same feed, same hay. The mineral supplement was the only change.

"After only five weeks, I got two embryos from the older mare using shipped semen, and one embryo from the younger mare. I have also frozen additional embryos from both mares. I'm thrilled and looking forward to the offspring next Spring. This mineral supplement from Thunder MountainEquine really works!"

Doug Milholland

NRHA Hall of Fame, AQHA Word Champion, Judge, Trainer and Clinician - Purcell, OK

"Let me first say that I don't do paid endorsements. When I first tried Thunder Mountain Equine, I was skeptical. Everyone makes claims about the products they sell—most of them fall short. I tried this supplement on two of my horse; one who was stiff and resistant, and one who couldn't maintain his weight. Within a few weeks, both had improved beyond my expectations. I'm sold on Thunder Mountain Equine!"

Betty A. Lynn

Owner, Lynn's Quarter Horses- Stevensville, MT

"My 19-year-old stallion was attacked by another stallion in 2015. He was in considerable pain. Despite the fact that I had people work on him and his physical pain subsided, he would not gain any weight no matter what I fed him. I was very concerned.

"Then, Sandy Caruso suggested that I put him on ThunderMountain Equine. I started him on the supplement about the time we started breeding mares. He got his mares in foal! It was another three months of TME before he looked good and then it seemed like overnight his weight came back on! He was loping and bucking around the pasture! He’s back to looking and feeling like he was a young horse again. Thank you, Thunder Mountain Equine!"

Kevin Tominey

Owner and Outfitter - West Jordan, UT

"My horse, Wizard, is a 20-year-old American Paint horse. Like most paint horses, he is about 200 pounds heavier than he ought to be and has relatively small feet. He’s lightning-fast and wears his heels off if he's not shod. In fact, I have to keep him shod year-round.

"Thunder Mountain Equine supplement has done a fantastic job of increasing his hoof growth and the speed at which he grows his feet. He can build his heel better and he's sound and stable. So goes the feet, so goes the horse. TME has taken a 20-year-old and what could have been useless horse, and turned him into a 20-year-old fantastic, sound horse."

Leslie Mills

Certified Farrier, Trainer, Owner, Dealer - Elmo UT

"I have been shoeing horses for 10 years, and have seen horses struggle with dry cracked hooves, founder/laminitis, flat weak soles prone to abscesses, and much more. I have seen Thunder Mountain Equine help eliminate these hoof problems I'm faced with, as quickly as 30 days.

"I personally use TME on all six of my horses. I've been shoeing an 18-year-old that was born with a clubfoot. He has struggled with it all his life. His owner put him on Thunder Mountain Equine 60 days ago and the results have been amazing! His hoof has grown back! I now can't remember which was the club foot. Thanks Thunder Mountain Equine!"

Shawnalee Johnson Hinkins

Owner, Breeder, Trainer. Rainbow Glass Ranch - Ferron, UT

"Thank you for making such a great product! It has worked miracles on my futurity colt! He went from inconsistent, nervous wreck to a quiet and confident competitor!

"Dr. Utley recommended Thunder Mountain Equine, after we had a bad experience with Fluphenazine.  I am happy to say my colt is now drug free and clocking the best times of his young career. He went from running 4D times, not wanting to leave his friends and tying up at races, to warming up quietly, walking in the gate, and even clocking in the 1D! I believe the minerals are filling the nutritional gaps he had and are helping him feel better. Anything I ask of him is a lot easier on him. I now have all my barrel horses and colts on your product, and we are seeing amazing results with them too—not to mention, the incredible hoof growth we are seeing as well. Thank you again!"

Matt McAuslan

Owner Operator F2F Livestock

"I would like to thank Joel Gleason for introducing me to Thunder Mountain Equine.

"Every one of my horses that uses Thunder MountainEquine has shown a profound improvement. Each looks better, rides better, andI believe they all feel better. Simply put, these minerals work!"